Leadership Summit, Singapore | Inspirational Perspective!

Leadership? It takes many skills and devotion to have impacts on those who are led by. Last January Mozilla arranged amazing event for the global contributors and set a milestone to start a new era of the open web. I was fortunate enough to be a small part of so many awesomely inspiring people. There were leaders, there were contributors, there were amazing tech speakers and there was motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm all burning with new ideas and hands on learning with sharing skills. Was it worthy to be a milestone? Yes, In my concern it was the kick start of this year’s spirit to make a better web. There the opportunity to get involved was broad. Inspiration and motivation to approach the new development in technology that the 2 day’s Summit came up was a milestone for all of us Participated.


Inspiration for Grass-root Leader

The summit experienced the group activities from the community members who are supposed to be the core contributors of greater Mozilla Foundation. As a small part of the team, I, We had hands on learning, teaching, planning and sharing interactive sessions to experience our leadership skills more. The attendees are are recognized as the Participation Team where each of them will be rolling out as a core part of the Mozilla Leadership Network ahead this year. This event was the inspiration for us, where we planned for our next moves- for the web and for the Participation at Mozilla. We understood well that all of us need to be better, effective and active to what we do and what we care for Mozilla and the web, as a Grass-root Leader.

Emerging Ideas for the next Big Move!

This era is the critical time for the web as MAK say’s the saturation point, where we need to move forward for the Web and for Mozilla. The revolution has already started in the sector of Internet-of Things (IoT). To keep all the connected things open and openly connected to the web, Mozilla Introduced us with the newly designed project with Connected Device track. We had our first approach to contribute this track doing some brainstorming on the fresh idea/model for the connected devices. We take one step as a participation leader to work on that project and engage more young tech enthusiast in those project and make our project a successful one. This approach, I believe, we believe will impact on our activities since we get back to our local community.

Leading the next Leaders !

Of course we need to grow our local community and engage more enthusiasts in the right direction. We had so many distinctive sessions were we groomed ourself to learn skills on taking steps as leaders. We learned how to run an amazing Hack-a-Thon, how to be a more engaging Tech Speaker while leading others to the right track. We had the track of Campus campaign focused on privacy awareness, we learned how to do coaching and mentoring when we took part in the session with Guilermo. We had learned the project that teaches the web through the philosophy of Mozilla Clubs that technically does not have any limits or CoC in teaching and spreading the knowledge of web.

Expectations are Big  !

It does not really matter how long we have been together at the summit. All that matter is what we did and what we learned, what we had to take back to the local community. Those are the skills and knowledge to share with our local community contributors. We hop on the returning plane with new possibilities, with direction, Code of Conduct and Ideas. We developed our skills of leading and interacting with each other while we take approach for the development of the community. We came back with planning and mission for the respective local communities so that we all can work together to spread Mozilla’s mission and it’s values that it cares for. After the past weekend our mind has broaden to embrace the newest challenge in the era of IoT (participants of Connected Device track) and reshaping the greater Mozilla community (participants of Campus Campaign track) with new leadership spirit. We got back home with values, those are important in the all technological sectors from business to government, public to individuals, and Mozilla does care about them.

And Yes, We left the event with great hope! I, We hope for the good things those are coming ahead, hope for more devoted Mozilla Community actively led by all Participation leaders for better future Technology and the Web. As Mark said

I left Singapore feeling inspired and hopeful — both for the web and for participation at Mozilla.

Yes, I’m inspired, I’m empowered and I’m skilled after having an amazing weekend back in January. That’s my Inspirational Perspective from Mozilla Leadership Summit 2016 as a Participation Leader. And I can’t wait to get started doing my jobs as a Participation Leader!


Mozilla’s Leadership Summit Singapore, 2016!

Just after the chain of global events, MozFest and MozLando, Mozilla is arranging Leadership Summit happening just within 2 days from now in Singapore on 23-24th of January.

Singapore, the place of 136 Mozillians for the Leadership Summit 2016 to meet!
Singapore, the place of 136 Mozillians for the Leadership Summit 2016 to meet!

Leadership Summit?

As a part of the participation team, Mozilla asked the contributors to commit for the planning and agendas to enhance the community leading towards community development for the year 2016. The summit aims to-

  1. Identify new leaders around the global contributors
  2. Enhance leadership skills among them
  3. Help leading action plan for the rest of the year.

What’s on Leadership Summit!

There will be sessions, discussions, speeches,  planning, sharing, networking and most importantly having fun with Mozillians around the globe.

Bangladesh Community Going to Leadership Summit!

Mozilla organizes summit with a year interval or biyearly to bring the volunteers, emerging leaders together for the better networking and contribution lineup from the community.

Last Mozilla Summit was arranged in 2013  three big cities Brussels, Belgium / Santa Clara, USA / Toronto, Canada , on the 4-6th October. From the Mozilla Bangladesh Community with 11 tremendous volunteer was invited for their presence in the Big, juicy Mozilla work.

Leadership Summit 2013 at Brussels.
Leadership Summit 2013 at Brussels.
Leadership Summit 2013 at Santa Clara, USA.
Leadership Summit 2013 at Santa Clara, USA.

However, this time 12 emerging Leaders are chosen to attend the Leadership Summit, Singapore as a part of the participation team. Today, around 10PM they will start for Summit boarding on their wings of leadership strategies to share those with Mozillians around the world that will stretch those ideas to help grow the community even more active and united for the betterment of keeping web open, safe and accessible.

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