Intro to QA at AIUB, Mozilla events continuing

This Thursday so many new faces of AIUB got to know about the contribution sneak peeks on Quality Assurance of pathway in Mozilla. The FSAs of AIUB and some pioneer QA team members of Mozilla Bangladesh (Anis, Khalid, Salman, Asif) organized and run the whole fruitful event there at the auditorium. Talking about the output was satisfactory to the organizers.
The event started early in the morning with the new enthusiasts. Participants experienced elaborative sessions and digital presentation on the steps and peeks of starting from zero stage to contribute further in this pathway of testing the newest features of Firefox products.

The whole program was conducted like having interactive discussions where the way Khalid delivered the presentation was pretty exciting and participant -friendly. Among most of the sessions he presented the most and was really able to catch the most attention from the participants of that event.

The sessions were planned and designed as starting from introduction to Mozilla, QA contribution pathway ended with the ways of being active contributors.

  • Intro to Mozilla, Talking about Mozilla mission.
  • Why we should contribute?
  • Definition of Bugs in software products
  • Introduction of contribution ways to QA, filing a bug,Triaging and Verification
  • triaging and verification is the main backbone in QA platform. So, brief introduction is needed on explaining the roles of these procedures.
  • Step-By-Step Procedure of Triaging and Verification via Bugzilla
  • Bugzilla is Mozilla’s major bug tracking system and how triaging and verification done will be showed and explained step-by-step.
  • Intro to Moztrap, Intro to Firefox Student Ambassador
  • How to be an Active contributor with Mozilla in future


Some of the curious new Faces to Mozillian’s Team at AIUB !


Anis taking session on Introduction to QA, Mozilla

At the very end of the event there was an interactive experience sharing wrapup session from newly super active QA contributor- Robin, some Leadership summit participants including me (Asma). The outcome of the whole program was amazing as –

  • there was many hands risen up when asked for next active QA enthusiastic contributors from
  • new faces to involve in the FSA club and greater Mozilla missions.
  • Planning or cohort of next events with newly formed QA team \o/

The organizers put an end with new possibilities of organizing a fruitful workshop with the participatory enthusiast very soon.

For the event pictures and get to know the session holders :