About ASMA

DSC_0157Hello Everyone !

This is Asma Swapna here, from Bangladesh. I live in Tangail right now, small city, as my University is here. However, I was born in Dhaka, the capital of this country.

I’m a college senior right now, studying BSc. Engineering  in Information and Communication Technology. Network Engineering is my major area of study along with Software Engineering. I’m a passionate competitive programmer. I’m also working on several research project with my respected Faculties at my University being a proud student of Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University.

Apart from study, I volunteer for Open Web movements and local events. I’m also a proud Mozillian. My belief is to struggle for Open Web for everyone and keep the privacy of users. As Mozilla works with the same manifesto I myself dedicated to volunteer with their various projects in my local place along with Mozilla Bangladesh Community.  .

I wanted to be a traveler from childhood. Right at this moment I’m not so big in travel and see the world arround, hence during vacations I go different districts inside the country.

Having any queries about my research and other activities please e-mail me or you can find me at Twitter most easily with @AsmaSwapna. Thank You for your Consideration.


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