What happened in MozCoffee Dhaka 2016 @ NewsCred !

Mozilla Bangladesh as of every year arranged the event of informal nano talks this January 26th @ NewsCred, which we, the BD mozillians call MozCoffee. The aim of such meetups is to get closer to the new enthusiasts and dig out some awesome contributors.

This time the agenda was to create awareness on the contribution pathways and current campaigns running like the Privacy Week, QA contributions, newly framed FSA activities and many more. However, as a part participation leaders team I myself attended the event to share my experience to the new faces on the recent global event, Leadership Summit took place in Singapore.

On the day we did some mid-term planning those are to be implemented by the end of this June to a greater part. We did plans on MozGirls mass participation. Amazing participants like Farin, Hasna, Rini, Bidushy we all together did some tremendous plans and we are optimistic to carry that out by the end of the assessment time. We have plans to increase awareness on FSA activities, Firefox club activities, QA contribution, Localization enthusiasm, making awesome SuMO army consisting of amazing females will be contributing to Mozilla and it’s missions as active contributors to keep the web open for all. We also have some kick-off agendas to watch over the active flow of the contribution team šŸ˜€

However, the day really was one of the well-spent one. We had awesome coffee and snacks as well. We are really looking forwards to start implementingĀ our plans and can’t wait to share with all Mozillians that yes, we, the MozGirls rock !!!


The event snaps:Ā http://flic.kr/s/aHsktthoEp

Event hashtag for the tweets: #mozcoffeedhaka16


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